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Webform 4 Preview


Webform is one of the most popular Drupal modules. Commonly used for contact forms, questionnaires, pledge forms, polls, and other functionality, the Webform module provides a huge amount of functionality in a self-contained solution.

This presentation will provide an overview of the Webform functionality while focusing on new features of the new 4.x version.

Basic features include:
- Sending customized e-mails upon submission
- Analysis of submitted results
- CSV/Excel file downloads

Newer features include:
- Conditional hiding and showing of fields or entire pages
- Full token module integration, including submission tokens and use of other Drupal tokens
- Full views support

We'll also be covering an update on Webform's integration with Form Builder, a revamped easier interface for making forms quickly.

If you're new user to Webform, come learn about this incredibly powerful and flexible tool for making surveys. If you're a long-time user of Webform, come see if "that one annoying thing" in the previous version is fixed. :)