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Using a Business Model Canvas to Make Your Business Planning Agile


Business Canvas Models are a business planning tool that helps you plan and prioritize the needs of your organization.

Canvases can be applied to whole organizations, departments or even individual projects. They are built upon Business Model Ontology research, and are an applied way of managing to specific business goals through proposing and testing a hypothesis for each key aspect of a business. The intent of these tools is to provide something immediately actionable, collaborative, and flexible - as opposed to traditional planning where many business functions are put on hold while a large plan is devised.

Canvas tools are relatively new, with most of the research around them being published in the past few years. However, they provide a promising trend toward turning business planning from a burdensome part of overhead into a valuable and meaningful process. In this way, this model is similar to the agile trend in project management - it is redefining the way that we think about business planning so there is less time spent defining a plan you may never see realized, and more time spent working toward the goals you want to achieve.

In this session, I'll be taking you through several business canvas tools to explore how creating a canvas could be valuable for your company. I'll be explaining what a canvasing tool is, and how you can use it to model an entire organization, group, or project all within the same framework. We'll go through several of my startup ideas and their various stages of fruition. This will give you a look into how canvassing works with some real-world examples.

Learn more about business canvas models here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Business_Model_Canvas