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Translation Management Tools: The future of translating a Drupal Website


Drupal 7 is good in serving a multilanguage site. Actually really good, but there are still some issues. Some of them are handled with i18n, some of them will be fixed in Drupal 8.
But there is still one unresolved problem: Translation Workflows.

Sites are not only translated by 1 person before they go live. There can be multiple languages with different people translating it, maybe even with a review process. Or external translation providers, but sending them word documents to translate is a pain.
If this whole structure should work while a site is live and content is generated, this can be hell.

So some companies and developers which build multilanguage sites every day started in 2012 a new project: Translation Management Tools (TMGMT - http://drupal.org/project/tmgmt)
It gives you the possibility to:
- Generate translation jobs with different things (nodes, entities, strings) to translate
- Send them to Translators, Translation Agencies, Export them or even mechanical translators
- Dashboards to see the current translation status
- And many more!

In this session I will show the current process of TMGMT, what problems that TMGMT fix, how it works and how you can extend TMGMT with your own plugins.
And of course the team is interested in your feedback!