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Tales From the Admin Layer: who moved my block?!


As end users of Drupal admin screens, content administrators know where all the ghosts of checkboxes past lie. Drupal usage is growing and developers have to navigate the requests and needs of content creators. Drupal developers can benefit from understanding the perspective as they focus on building useful administrative experiences.

This session will expand on ‘Tales from the Admin Layer: Who Moved My Block?’ first presented at Drupal Camp 10 NYC, Drupal Camp MA and more recently explored at a Drupal Con Denver BOF. The session will highlight several of the common ‘tales’ that frequently surface as pain points for content managers and provide developers with specific implementation suggestions to improve the administrative experience when customizing a Drupal site.

Drawing from 5 years experience using Drupal 4.7 through Drupal 7, I'll review some of the changes and improvements to the interface of Drupal and discuss how they have impacted the content managers. As a content administrator, I have edited and managed a small non-profit site, spent several years at Sony Music working with over 300 artist websites where I’ve seen a lot of “Tales”.... enter anecdotes...

I’ll also leverage my recent experiences managing Drupal projects in several enterprise contexts through my work at Phase2 Technology to provide solutions on how to improve this experience when building a Drupal site or platform. I'll focus on some of the newer advancements such as improvements to content staging that have recently been developed as part of the content staging initiative.

I have some past slides that can be a reference for this session, but they will be reworked and updated to be more current and have some new "Tales":

Tales from The Admin Layer: https://speakerdeck.com/u/mabfire/p/tales-from-the-admin-layer-who-moved...

Thank you for your consideration!