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Synchronizing your dev environment with Drush Fetcher


So you want to develop changes to your new site. You'll want a disposable copy of that site to test things, right? If there are more than one or two developers on your project you'll need your own copy so you aren't stepping on each others toes. Pantheon and Acquia hosting provide development environments but there is still no substitute for having a copy on your own computer and no good way to coordinate a large team working on the same site at the same time.

Enter Drush Fetcher. Fetcher is a drush extension that allows you to list sites available to the fetcher system and then to provision and synchronize a local copy with whatever is on dev, staging or production right now. It makes the provisioning of a local copy or the deployment of a new version a single drush command. This command will create apache virtualhosts, create your database and database user, synchronize the database and files from the environment of your choice, generate drush aliases for your environments (dev, staging, live), symlinks, and will run any other post deployment steps you need. Support for synchronizing with Pantheon and Acquia hosted sites is coming.

Along with the session I'll provide a vagrant project with a working configuration of the fetcher setup as an example.