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So you want to test a patch from the issue queue? Sure you do!


Patch testers don't have to have a programming background. Contributing to Drupal by testing a patch in the issue queue is rewarding and will be appreciated by bug reporters, coders and committers. This session is good for folks who have installed Drupal, but have never tested a patch before.

We'll go through the reliable steps for testing a patch:

  • getting the latest version of Drupal,
  • finding the right patch file in an issue and decoding patch naming conventions,
  • downloading the patch,
  • applying the patch,
  • installing the patched version of Drupal,
  • testing the patch,
  • reporting results to the issue queue, and
  • cleaning the setup to get ready to test another patch.

What's next? We'll conclude with an outline of the next steps and recommended resources.

(This session focuses on patch testing and will not cover setting up a local environment or reviewing code.)