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Simple DevOps / Continuous Integration Using Jenkins


This presentation will cover a simple setup of Jenkins (it can run on your laptop, suitable for a one-person shop), and a configuration will be demonstrated that enables the following automated workflow:

* Refresh a development environment with the database from live
* Update stage, triggered on a commit to version control (github)
* Update production, manually triggered after testing on stage
* Run Drupal cron from Jenkins via drush
* Create backups
* Restore from backups

As much as this will done live as possible; slides and screenshots will be a fallback. Electronic copy of the scripts and other files will be provided, so that attendees can modify and use them.

The presentation is aimed at smaller teams and freelancers, who might consider an automated setup to have too much overhead to be worth it; the goal is to demonstrate that there is a good payoff from a small investment in DevOps. You don't have to be Rackspace or IBM or have a dedicated operations team and datacenter to use these techniques!