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School of Management - An intro into OpenEDU, Multisite, Single Sign On, and Syndication


Whew, take a breath. That title is a mouthful.

As an employee for ImageX Media I have been lucky to work on the OpenEDU project. In short his presentation is an introduction into what is OpenEDU and some of the tools built for it.

This presentation will cover an overview of the features developed for OpenEDU specifically regarding the multisite setup. There are pros and cons with running a multisite setup. This presentation will highlight the strengths and weaknesses that multisite has with content sharing, navigation and menu structure, user sharing and authentication, re-usable features, consistency vs. customizability, and maintenance. Several tools have been built for tackling these weaknesses and can actually turn them into strengths. We will highlight and explain how a Single Sign on Server or Content Syndication Server can make your websites more powerful and flexible then before.