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Quality Requirements = Awesome Sites Your Client Will Love


Convert your client's online business strategy into Drupal awesomeness! Requirements!! Yeah! Woo Hoo!!

All cheerleading aside - it is really hard to get excited about requirement management, but good, clear requirements are the key to creating the sites your clients are asking for AND to control feature creep, lost time, and lost money on the development side.

This session will cover a variety of tools and techniques to identify, track, and prioritize your clients business needs and directly translate them to your Drupal design and development tasks.

Using real-world examples, we will walk through the complete lifecycle of a business request to implementation and deployment on a Drupal site. After this session, you will have the practical tools and techniques to make sure you are building the work your clients are asking for.

Big ideas:

  • Know what is important to your client: business goals, future roadmap, expectations
  • Translate vague requests into clearly understood needs - you know what to build, they know what they get.
  • Track requirements over time - as they are defined, prioritized, implemented and through final sign-off.
  • What? You want to change your mind? OMG - What will that do to our work? Budget? Schedule?
  • Using requirements management within an Agile development environment.
  • Define a feature/set of requirements through Drupal's multiple content, presentation, and data structures.
  • This info is awesome, where do I learn more?