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The Open Source Business Model


There is no question that Open Source software has changed the rules of business for the whole software industry. Big software corporations are now finding that they simply cannot ignore the new 500 lb gorilla in the room, and are now scrambling to modify their outdated business models to accomodate this new wave of Open and Free Software. Furthermore, there are a number of new software companies that are being formed with a foundation of Open Source that are now gaining significant traction on these giant software companies simply because they "got it right from the start". This new business dynamic offers much opportunity for new businesses that form their business models around the notion that software is free.

In this presentation, Travis will discuss some of the best strategies for companies who wish to embrace the Open Source Business Model. He will do this by walking you through the tough questions, such as "If I give my software away for free, won't my competitors use it to their advantage?". In addition, he will also highlight several companies that have embraced the new wave of Open Source, and have modeled their business around their contributions and participation within the open source communities. Considering that one of these companies is considered one of the fastest growing companies in the US (ahem... Acquia), it is clear that these new models work. Let us come together and learn how to 'get it right from the start'.