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OH NODE(.js)!


Node.js is the fad that's sweeping the nation! All the cool kids are doing it, but should you?

This session will provide an introduction not only to node.js and Drupal but also to interesting node.js projects that you may want to leverage and that can make the hard stuff less hard.

In the first portion we will review the node.js Drupal module and its architecture, discussing in brief the security model and looking at a simple example of custom integration (you can start doing interesting things with about 7 lines of code). The node.js module comes with all you need to start offering realtime "push" updates to Drupal content and when you leave you'll have a good feeling for how to start adding realtime to your Drupal projects!

The second section will function as an introduction to the node.js community with a big focus on what is possible with node.js and how it can add new capabilities to your traditional hosting stack. It will discuss what node.js is good at and what it's not and will provide a review of node.js projects that could be helpful to you in your development tasks.

A handful of the interesting projects that we'll review:

  • socket.io
  • async
  • hubot
  • fleet
  • jade
  • coffeescript (and how it can be used in node.js)
  • supervisor
  • cluster2

Questions answered by this session:

  • How can I use node.js in Drupal?
  • How can i leverage existing Node.js community projects?
  • Is a node.js app going to be the new Drupal? (hint: no)
  • What should I be worried about when running javascript on the server?
  • How can node.js help me connect parts of my infrastructure?

This session will be presented by tizzo (the module's current owner).


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