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Mobile Commerce via Native Apps and Commerce Kickstart


Mobile commerce is on the rise and will not slow down anytime soon. Mobile commerce is going to be $100 Billion market by 2015. In order to prepare for this market shift, Commerce Guys has rolled out their Kickstart platform's native apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

In this session, we will:

  • Discuss usability and UX in regards to building mobile commerce apps
  • Demo iPhone and iPad apps for Commerce Kickstart
  • Explore the complex nature of shopping carts that incorporate VAT, State sales tax, shipping charges, etc., and how these items can be managed with Views in order to output the data in-app
  • Take a deep dive into Commerce Services API (via Services 3.x)
  • Discuss best practices while building your Commerce apps
  • Discuss how to use Views and Search API for product displays and attribute listings

We will round out the discussion with an example of how native apps and Paypal can reduce checkout time by half, thus improving conversion.

Few app features, I will try to cover in session: faster browsing of store items, facet search, push notifications, cart management using views, processing orders via webview and paypal, handeling product attributes, wish lists etc