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Mini Training: Responsive Web Design with Sass+Compass: Part Two


Responsive Web Design is on the tongues of everyone at the moment, and with good reason. With more mobile device activations per day than human births and full internet browsers coming to television sets and gaming consoles (both home and portable), the old techniques we have used to create pixel perfect sites for desktop audiences have already become a thing of the past.

This session will explore some of the tools and techniques available today to build responsive sites with a focus on how tools using the CSS Preprocessor Sass and the Sass framework Compass can ease much of the hard work related to creating truly awesome responsive websites. We will explore how to create grid systems unique to our designs in a snap, how to bend media queries to our will, and how to combine feature detection and Sass hackery to make progressive enhancement a breeze.

This session will be taught as a workshop with lots of hands-on with the tools we're using. As a longer session (2.5 hours), we will be able to dig in to these tools more throughly than a simple talk. You should have some pre-existing knowledge of Sass and Compass going into this workshop as well as a working knowledge of Responsive Web Design. We are going to jump right into coding with very little introduction and will be taught at an intermediate to advanced level.

Oh, and all of the tools and techniques are Drupal agnostic, so these skills will translate to any project you wish to do.

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