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Local Development Workflow with Vagrant


Once upon the time… we were using a shared development server for all our projects; it was slow and hard to make changes on a project by project basis, and so we decided it was no longer working for us we moved to a local xAMP model. All was great, until we realised that running that code in production was not quite the same because of the difference in configurations or each of the developers workstations. And then we learned about Vagrant; and we never looked back.

With Vagrant we have all the advantages of developing locally, but also we work on a system that is automatically configured (in our case with chef) in an identical way with our production systems that ensures that we will have no compatibility issues when we deploy the code to production. It's fast, reproducible and allows our developers to work anytime on their project from the convenience of their preferred local editor. We will also discuss some of the tips and tricks we have learned along the way since using this workflow.

We'll cover all these and more on our development workflow with Vagrant!