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Leveraging Vector to Solve Modern Design Problems


Designers have long used vector graphics in print. But until recently, vector wasn't a practical option for the web. Now it is, and just in time to solve some of the toughest problems designers are facing today. Vector is ideally suited to adapt to the ever-changing ways people are viewing the web. It's also really fun.

We’ll go over a brief history of vector, why vector is important in modern web design, the vector tools available in today's browsers (including SVG, canvas, fonts, and CSS), and how these tools are being integrated into Drupal.

You'll leave with practical knowledge you can immediately apply to your design, and excitement about all the awesome things you can do with vector on the web.

Some questions we'll answer:

Please list up to five questions that this session will answer.:

  • Small images looks awful on a retina display, but big images take forever to load. How can vector help?
  • Which browsers support SVG?
  • What are icon fonts and why should I care?
  • How can I use vector to enhance my responsive design?
  • When should I use HTML canvas?