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The Lean-Back Interface vs. Godzilla


We know the lean-forward interface quite well. Its familiar lumbering gait. Its agonizing roar. Even if you know it's coming, it can burn you. Throw rocks at you. Rip down your structures. Especially if you are armed with Internet Explorer.

But what about the lean-back interface? Mobile. Multiple heads. Unpredictable. Moving too fast to get a bead on it. Before you know it, it's zapped you from three sides!

If the lean-forward interface is our Godzilla, the lean-back interface is Ghidorah. Monster Zero.

How do you face these monsters? First, remember that despite its multiple heads, Monster Zero is one monster. And if you treat Godzilla well, he can do much of your fighting for you.

This presentation is about how to think about the differences between the lean-back and lean-forward UX needs, and employing responsive design to treat these as one challenge with multiple facets. A smart approach can help you keep your monster problems under control.