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Just pick a niche already, and Drupal specialize!


Being Drupal everything is hard and exhausting, so follow your gut and the advice of all the successful people out there, and pick a niche! In this talk, I will expose you to different niches in the Drupal space and show you THE BEST WAY to get in them. And yes, I will go over what not to do and what can happen if you do.

This talk is targeted for anyone who wants to continue to grow their presence and satisfaction ( yes this includes $$$ ) with Drupal, and needs that extra push or a pointed finger in the right direction.

In the last 4 years, I've free-lanced, started and closed my own Drupal firm, built SaaS products on Drupal, won Drupal coding competitions, became the maintainer of a Drupal module... however nothing feels more fulfilling than picking a niche, and I wish I would've done it sooner. Now that I've picked mine, I want to help you find yours.

The motivation for this talk comes from a Quora post I answered recently about picking a lucrative Drupal niche: