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Juno: Enterprise social project management and CRM - built in Drupal


Large organizations are loose federation of individual islands, bound by common history and cause.

As managers and strategists, we strive for collaboration and communication, but more often than not organizations do not work together, except at great cost. The silos of electronic tools and data we have created reflect this reality.

Juno is our attempt to build bridges between the different islands of groups and individuals involved in the lifecycle of a project. NBCUniversal, with assistance from Lullabot and Charmed Particles, is stretching Drupal's capabilities to create the framework for a enterprise-class Customer Relationship Manager integrated with a lightweight Project Management system - taking full advantage of Drupal's capabilities to manage content, relationships, and access rights.

Come out to this session to hear about our content model, our access control layer, and our light-weight project management tools. Built on Drupal 7, along with many key contributed modules, the Juno platform is not just a case study of the technology we've used but in how to build internal collaboration tools for the enterprise.