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It's time for a Y-Combinator / Tech Stars (business accelerator) for Drupal.


Do you have an idea for a business that leverages Drupal to meet a great market opportunity? Or do you have some amazing tool that can accelerate the use of Drupal by a target user or developer community?

Wouldn't it be great if you had a capital, and a ton of mentors to help you get your idea off and running? This is precisely what a company accelerator does, and Jay Batson, the founder of Acquia, is trying to figure out of the there's enough "there" there to build one for the Drupal Community. This session is about what an accelerator is, and how you might be able to leverage it to launch your killer idea.

Taking a cue from Y-Combinator, Tech Stars, and other best-in-class accelerators, it's entirely possible that the Drupal community now has enough firepower to form a first class Drupal accelerator for talented entrepreneurs building amazing businesses using, or around Drupal. Jay is working to figure this out, and this session is about that.

What's an accelerator, and how might it help you get your business idea off the ground? Come hear Jay describe how a high-quality accelerator works, what it provides, why you might want to get into one, and how Jay is thinking about how this might be able to help propel the Drupal community - and people like you - to more amazing levels.

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