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Intermediate Theming


So you know how to add a theme from Drupal.org. Maybe you even know how to create a sub-theme from one of the popular base themes. But what about taking Drupal theming to the next level?

Enter template.php. Template.php gives coding power to the themers, which allows you to tap into the ultimate power contained within functions like preprocess and form_alter. This session is perfect for themers who want to:

  • Give visitors personalized information
  • Add custom variables into your .tpl files
  • Modify the default text of search boxes
  • Make your login boxes more interesting
  • Change the character between breadcrumbs
  • Remove unneeded markup from pagers
  • Improve your markup with logic

We'll cover as much as we can during the course of the session. The presentation will incorporate some slides to explain concepts and consist primarily of live demos. The session will be recorded and made available within 24 hours.

Please note that an elementary understanding of php is recommended for this session. For the sake of this session I will be using Drupal 7, however many of the concepts explained will be appropriate for Drupal 6.

Have a suggestion for another advanced theming topic? Mention it in the comments below and bring additional questions with you!