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Five Shades of Jenkins


The Jenkins continuous integration server is a wonderful tool with a lot of applications. Combined with Drush, a number of tasks can be automated very easily and can then be run on a regular schedule or on demand, and the console output of the jobs will be in a single place.

In this mini talk, I’ll show you five things you can do to set up the Jenkins continuous integration server and use it to automate tasks that will save you time. In addition, the setup for the talk will be available for download as a set of two Vagrant boxes to simulate two environments and the job config.xml files.

Here’s the tasks:

  • Run cron
  • Sync files and database from one environment to another
  • Get a database download
  • Run DrupalCS (soon to be integrated with Coder) or Coder reports on your code and report violations
  • Run SimpleTest and see what tests pass and fail

If this talk whets your appetite, there will likely be some full-length sessions on Jenkins where you can learn more.