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Exported Configuration: Now vs Drupal 8 (CMI)


Everyone knows that managing configuration changes from dev to live is one of the great pain-points of Drupal. There are some techniques that work today with Drupal 7, and a whole new world awaiting us in Drupal 8 with the CMI initiative going into core.

This presentation will explore:

  • Why exported config and dev/stage/live matter
  • Existing tools for managing configuration in D6 and D7
  • Pros and Cons of current techniques (complexity, flexibility, stability, etc)
  • What we will be getting with D8 and CMI

There will also be time for Q&A.

Josh Koenig has built 100s of Drupal sites, including large-scale installation profile style sites which required a a dev/stage/live workflow.

David Strauss is a long-time Drupal developer, the maintainer of Pressflow, and the technical architect of the CMI initiative for Drupal 8.

Josh and David are both founders and builders of Pantheon, a "Drupal as a service" platform that supports a dev/stage/live workflow.

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