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Enterprise Drupal DevOps Without the Devs or the Ops


Every developer who's built a Drupal site has had to juggle code, content and configuration. Normally these 3 components of the site are handled differently, even though there is dependencies. Trying to move nodes, features and module updates between environments can be tedious Wouldn't it be great if you could handle changes to the 3 key parts of your site in a coordinated way?

Dave Hall (aka skwashd) from Technocrat has spent the last 18 months solving this problem. During this presentation you'll learn how the largest insurance company in Australia is able to deploy multiple changes to their website every day with all changes passing through multiple environments and review cycles. This is all done by content officers, without the need for sysadmins or developers to assist with the deployments.

The solution treats each change as a job, which can consist of code, content or configuration changes or a mix of the three. Configuration is exported to code using features and git, code is all handled by git and entities are handled by the the deploy module. Each job or changeset has its own git branch and is tracked in a standalone Drupal application that uses a few modules, rules and Jenkins for task management.

During his session Dave will provide an overview of the solution and details of how the key components have been glued together to provide a robust application. The session will provide some examples of the code used to make it all work.

Content officers are best practice site builders without ever having to touch the command line or underlying tools. Everything is done via a point and click web front end. As we like to call it "Enterprise Drupal DevOps without the devs or the ops".

About Dave Hall

Dave is the Principal Engineer at Technocrat, an Australian based digital agency that focuses on building Drupal platforms. When he isn't working with clients to build high quality web applications, he is working with them to improve their infrastructure and business processes. Dave lives less than 2 hours drive from Melbourne, Australiaon the edge of Newstead with his partner, 2 boys and dog.

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