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Emotional Fitness for Techies v1.5


Burt Lo is a Project Manager with Sage Tree Solutions. He started coding at the age of fourteen, building business systems for over twenty years, and has progressively moved into management and coaching. He's learned that the root of all soft skills is emotional maturity, and that they're far easier to master than many believe.

This presentation will include a quick overview for developing emotional fitness. More importantly, we'll learn about the benefits of a well-developed emotional life, and for those intellectuals among us, I'll show how to leverage the strength of our minds toward emotional intelligence and proficiency.

The business applications of this information are limitless. Mastery over emotions is just another skill to be developed, and this presentation will break it down to the basics. Everyone will walk away with a powerful, easy-to-use method for clearer communication and more personal authenticity. We'll also learn how these skills benefit teams and projects.

This version (v1.5) of the presentation will include a primer on "boundaries". Previous versions of this presentation are here (v1.0: https://www.sandcamp.org/emotional-fitness-techies-algorithms-healthy-life) and here (v1.1: http://2012.drupalcampla.com/sessions/emotional-fitness-techies-v11).