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Drush Has Hooks!


You have probably heard of Drush. It's a great tool for developers and sysadmins to manage a Drupal site. But did you know it has hooks, just like any Drupal module?

Learn how to create new Drush Commands or extend existing ones to accelerate your own development practices.

This session will explore:

  • What makes a Drush command.
  • How to extend an existing command.
  • Standards and practices of a good command.
  • How to write (or patch) modules to be more Drush-friendly.
  • Deciding when to write a Drush command, a Drush script, or a shell snippet.
  • Q&A

This session does not introduce the latest and greatest functionality available via Drush, that talk is down the hall and being given by the Drush core maintainers. This does not discuss advanced usages of Drush around site deployment or multi-server environments in an effort to keep focused.

This is an Intermediate session because it assumes a working familiarity with conventions and concepts in Drupal Module development.

Thank to Patrick Connolly for the session title (and the realization it might be a good topic).