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Drupal's Mobile App Generator and You: Learning How to Love the Smartphone / Tablet

Do you often think about making your mobile Drupal website friendly for smartphones? Or has you already started to build a Drupal mobile application using MAG (Mobile App Generator) module and PhoneGap?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you should be on this session! You will learn the best practices for making your mobile Drupal website look, act and feel like a native iOS or Android app.

Attendees will find out about how to implement the following features in their Drupal mobile application

  • iPhone-like scroll.
  • Touch carousels and slideshow.
  • Transition effects between pages.
  • Nice popups and panels.
  • Demonstrations of ready-to-use, app-friendly themes and modules
  • Introduction to the PhoneGap project and MAG module.

If you are still getting up to speed on what you can do to use Drupal to create mobile applications, watch some of our previous presentations on the topic from Denver and Munich: