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Drupal Talk with Crell and Eaton


Have a problem with Drupal? Ever wondered how you'd accomplish a certain design or data model? Don't quite understand how content strategy relates to the database schema?

Sure, we all do. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask your Drupal site building questions of experienced Drupal experts in front of a live studio audience?

Well, now you can!

Join long-time Drupal developers Larry "Crell" Garfield and Jeff "Eaton" Eaton in this live site building and development Q&A session. You bring your "how do I do that?" questions, we'll bring our signature charm. *whisper* (Er, what?) *whisper* (We don't?) *whisper* (Oh.) In that case, we'll bring our collective 15 years of Drupal experience.

Inspired by NPR's Car Talk, this session aims to be an informative, entertaining, free-form experience. Please try to keep questions at least somewhat on topic to Drupal site building and development. Our stand-up experience is limited.

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