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Drupal Rocks Marketing


Behind all that code, sweat, and tears, Drupal is a marketing platform second to none.

In this session I will demonstrate why Drupal is the best platform on the planet for SEO, Internet Marketing, and Social Media. I will introduce you to free and paid tools that make Drupal a Marketers paradise.

And then, I will blow you away.

You see, Drupal has a secret that few know about. It is perfectly aligned to meet very specific marketing and branding needs of progressive organizations. So much so, that I believe that inside of 3 years, Drupal will be known as the ONLY platform you should choose if marketing is important to you.

This session will change the way you see Drupal, the Drupal community, and your customers.

It is designed for Marketers, Drupal Business Owners, and CXOs. However, developers will get a lot out of this session.

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