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Drupal Mario Bros: Best Practice Workflows For Developing and Maintaining Drupal Web sites


This session is for developers working with Drupal, maintainers supporting Drupal, or developers thinking about using Drupal. Even if you never touch code or create a custom module this session can help you better manage your Drupal website by showing you some key tools and community backed best practices/preferences. Some familiarity with the command line, git and php will be helpful but not necessary.

We'll follow the adventures of the twin brother development team at the fictitious Toadstool media group and learn:

  • Sane folder and code management - making the most of your directory.
  • Managing your codebase using Drush (Drupal Shell) and version control.
  • How to set your development workflow for the long run (as a solo developer or on a team)
  • Features - code based workflows for Drupal content types, views, and more.
  • Beyond features - Keep more in code via custom modules for sustainable development.

Developers and Site Builders will leave this session having seen 1-up best practices/preferences in action and time saving methods for improving your deployment, management, and development in Drupal.

(P.S. We will save the princess too!)

True believers, this session was presented at Drupal Camp UT Austin - Ed.