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Drupal for Facebook The Next Generation


I maintain the Drupal for Facebook project, and have presented it at previous BADCamps.

Drupal for Facebook has a relatively long history and the current release does a number of things for historical reasons. The next generation represents a massive code clean-up and upgrade to use only the most recent - and currently more stable - Facebook APIs.

In this session I'll give a preview of the next major release and show how to set up some of the most commonly requested Facebook-related features.

  • Post Drupal content automatically to a Facebook Page
  • Facebook Connect for user registration and login
  • Social Plugins
  • Open Graph tags
  • And more, depending on time and what the audience is interested in

There's more than one Facebook-related session proposed this year. So, should this proposal not make the schedule, I will host a birds of a feather instead. Look for that either Sat or Sun. In the meantime, please vote for this session or whichever ones you are most interested in.

Schedule info