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Drupal Distributions: A Panel Discussion

It has been almost six years since Drupal added the ability for developers to create a customized start state on installation. Although the potential here is considerable, the last six years of development of install profiles (or as they are now called distributions) has been a mixed bag of false starts and moderate successes.

However, the future of this space still looks bright and some of the largest companies in the industry are focusing their considerable talents on improving the underlying distribution technology and proving the business model in this space.

Come to a panel discussion to talk all things Drupal distributions from representatives from Acquia, Commerce Guys, Pantheon Systems, and Phase2 Technology. We will cover such questions as:

-- What are some of the current Drupal distributions?
-- Who uses Drupal distributions?
-- How hard is it to build a Drupal distributions?
-- How do I make money with Drupal distributions?
-- What will Drupal 8 do to help make Drupal distribution creation easier?

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