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Drupal Commerce 2.0 on Drupal 8


Drupal Commerce 1.0 was released at DrupalCon London, but we were in no hurry to open a 2.x branch. There was plenty of work to do in contributed modules to flesh out the feature set required to do business online, and we were eager to incorporate feedback into the 1.x branch from developers and users of live Drupal Commerce sites.

Now over a later with more than 10,000 additional sites reporting usage of Drupal Commerce, we've begun to lay plans with the community to open the core up to a new round of development. This session will highlight key areas targeted for improvement and modules developed since Drupal Commerce 1.0 that may be considered as new dependencies.

Our target will be a release of Drupal Commerce 2.0 on Drupal 8, which holds numerous challenges in itself. At a planning and development sprint in mid-October, we discussed how to best make use of Drupal 8 and accommodate the pace of development of core and essential modules like Views and Rules. Naturally, all input on how to best meet this target is welcome.

The discussion during the session will be fairly high level, so we invite those interested in contributing to the roadmap and the code itself to get in touch with Ryan immediately following the session or through the issue queue.