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Drupal 8's Multilingual Wonderland


Come to this session to see the latest and greatest in Drupal 8's multilingual support as well as any remaining plans that need hands for the rest of November (before Drupal 8's features are frozen). We'll run through most of the exciting feature changes in a fast-paced demo and talk about what we need people to help with still. The session has a dual purpose to showcase sitebuilder features as well as a wake-up call for those with any capacity to help.

If you actually want to get involved deeper, it is best to plan to be in Berkeley for some time overlapping the 2nd to 6th, when the multilingual sprint is held. There is going to be varying sprint concentration and different venues for the sprints depending on dates. There is likely someone sprinting there at the time when this session is held even! See http://groups.drupal.org/node/257863 for more information!

Ongoing updates about the initiative can be found on http://drupal.org/community-initiatives/drupal-core and http://hojtsy.hu/d8mi with IRC meetings every other week (always announced at http://groups.drupal.org/drupal-initiatives). Find us on IRC on #drupal-i18n.


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