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Delivering on the Promise- A Strategizing Session on Making Distros What they Could Be


We are all too familiar with statements such as "Drupal has a steep learning curve, but it's worth it in the end." The steep learning curve, unfortunately, has turned many away from Drupal as a viable option for their online needs. This is particularly true for smaller non-profits, grassroots groups, and other non-technical, low-budget users.

Drupal distributions, however, help address that problem. We'll look at the work being done to make distributions an answer to the steep learning curve dilemma, including our involvement with the OpenAid distribution.

After a brief look at the current state of Drupal distributions, we will facilitate a participatory session. Participants will explore strategies to engage in the current work around distributions as well as challenges with distributions. These discussions will be focused on solutions. The session will be recorded to generate documentation and guides, both for less technical users interested in Drupal and for Drupal contributors working on improving accessibility of distributions.