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Debugging Drupal CSS: tips, tricks, and tactics


There are a number of things you need to account for when it comes to working with a CMS and there are so many ways to accomplish the same thing. There are divs, and spans, classes, lists, and id's everywhere. So where do you start debugging your CSS? Where should I start your selectors? Is there really a class called 'content' that appears in more than one place? Can I just hide this with CSS?

This session would be idea for people who know css, but need to know how/where to apply it, folks who need to communicate with a themer and want to be able to debug in the browser window. Anyone getting started who wants a leg up when it comes to having a good idea of things to think about.

Specifically we'll be…
Features of Browser Inspectors
Typical Drupal output
Changing values for debugging
Changing values for creation/testing
Using a little jQuery to help theming easier
Looking at default markup of views, node, block modules