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DBTNG - 25th Anniversary Edition


Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the other Next Generation with our very own TNG - DBTNG (Database: The Next Generation). There will be a lot less Picard and a whole lot more Data.

We’ll learn how easy it is to create both static and dynamic query statements for use in your custom modules and Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 module migration work. We'll delve into the Drupal 7 database abstraction layer and the database API and cover:

  • To db_query or not to db_query?
  • Dynamic query syntax and fluid interfaces
  • Working with result sets
  • Joins, conditional statements, subselects and sorting with db_select
  • Tagging your db_select queries for hook awareness
  • Decorator patterns for db_select -
  • db_update, db_insert, db_delete and our new friend, db_merge
  • Explore alternatives to views and how and when to make that call.

Ensign, this presentation, under a different moniker, was broadcast on the M-class planet "NYC Camp 2012".