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D8CX: The Reckoning


D7CX was a term coined by Moshe Weitzman that meant Drupal 7 Contrib Experience. The intention was to have the top 40 modules (by usage) ported to Drupal 7 on the day of release, and to encourage all maintainers to follow suit. While not all of the top 40 modules were ported right away, the push did have a tremendous effect on the number of modules ported, and the time it took them to do it.

There is another benefit to even attempting a module port while the next version of Drupal Core is under development. It actually helps to improve core itself! Waiting for the final release of core and only then beginning your port means that if something was changed that breaks your use case, you're mostly out of luck.

The work towards moving the Views module into core started in mid-May, and the Views 8.x-3.x branch has been in a working state since then. Throughout, we've been able to keep up with all of the improvements to core along the way, but more importantly, we've both implemented changes to Views and improved Core.

This session is intended as both a summary of the experiences of the Views team, as well as a call-to-action to module maintainers and those active in the issue queues to start porting their modules today!

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