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Content staging for Drupal. That actually works. Finally!


Ever since Drupal started to hit the big time, anyone talking about workflows and process at a Drupal con or camp has probably been asked this question:

'How can I migrate content from one Drupal site to another, so I can review changes before they go live?'

I call this the Drupal content staging problem, and I've never had a good answer for it. Until now. In this session, I'll describe how to use the Services Client module and UUIDs to manage bi-directional editing of content across multiple sites, allowing a variety of workflows, including content staging.

Imagine, if you will, a world where you can have a content repository that is independent of your dev/stage/prod websites where you can manage your content and push it to different locations depending on workflows, field settings, or taxonomy terms. You can then remove much of the content access, workflow, review code/process from your front-end websites and put them on the content repository site--thus saving your users from having to wait while all that code runs to ensure they are allowed to view the content you want them to view.

Beyond that, you can even have 2-way synchronization of content where you can ensure that any local changes (if allowed) will feed back to the main content repository system.

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