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Contact Management in Drupal: Getting Results with CRM Core

One of the challenges Drupal developers face is managing contact information. Contacts are not content, and need to be managed in different ways.

CRM Core is a Drupal module that offers solutions for how to manage contact information within your Drupal site. It allows you to create contact forms, search contact records, store ongoing lists of activity related to your contacts, and visualize the relationships that exist between them. It's built to act as a platform within a platform, allowing developers to add small, useful applications on top of the core modules to serve specific purposes - like donations, event registration, volunteer registration, membership, and the like.

This session will present 8 things you can do with CRM Core to manage contact relationships and accelerate your site development. We will also focus on ways you can extend it to handle use-cases specific to your business needs. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Create registration forms that can be attached to any Drupal content, and easily find out who signed up for what.
  • Leverage CRM Core + Drupal Commerce for donations and other one-off transactions.
  • Associate user accounts with CRM Core contact records, to allow users to self-manage their personal details.
  • Leverage CRM Core activities to control permissions to tools and features within your Drupal site.
  • Enable users to claim profiles within your site, and manage those relationships over time.
  • Implement sophisticated search interfaces for discovering knowledge from your contact records.
  • View activity history of specific users in your site, and interact with them through core Drupal modules.
  • Extend the platform through the use of features and other Drupal development techniques you already know how to do.

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