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Building and Deploying Sites using Features


The Features module provides a clean way to convert site configuration (entities, fields, views, etc) into code that can be version controlled and easily moved between sites. Allowing features to "override" other features has long been a problem, preventing site-specific settings from being used cleanly with base distribution features.

The new 2.x release of Features Overrides provides a clean new way to handle overridden features. As a specific example, we will demonstrate creating overrides for field display settings and for Views.

As the module maintainer for Features and Features Override I will present all of the latest functionality of the upcoming 1.1 release of Features (with improved UI) and the 2.x release Features Overrides for Drupal 7. If you have used Features in the past, you will want to see the cool new features in action. If you have never used Features, come to learn how it can change the way you work with Drupal.

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