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Beginner Best Practices


New to Drupal theming and site-building or still learning? Do you
really want to know "Am I doing this right?" Or maybe you're tried of
doing things the "hard way" or just not sure what are the best
practices? This session is tailored specifically to beginners who want
to check in with their process, learn some new tricks, and ask
questions. There is a lot to know about Drupal and there are many ways
to accomplish the same goal. So there are no absolute right answers
here, just suggestions and discussion.

Overview of Potential Topics:

Leveraging contributed modules.
Interpreting Design and Backend needs.
Slow site? Common performance pitfalls.
Tools that will make your life easier.
Sub-theming and responsive theming.
Site building and successful content strategy.
Coding standards.

Beginners of all levels are welcome, but we will be talking "Drupal"
so a basic familiarity is helpful.

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