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Automating Testing at Every Stage


Subtitle: Since at first you won't succeed, test, test again

SUT (System Under Test) is out. ACS (Assumed Cloned Site) is in. Let us show you how we have utilized Phing, Jenkins, PHPUnit, Selenium, and Chef to automate our continuous integration process. We will show you how we force our git commits to pass metric, unit, and user tests on a clone of our development site before they can be pushed. Then we will demonstrate how we have used Selenium, integrated with Jenkins and Zoetrope, to test all of our support sites every night.

Expect to leave this session knowing:
- What ACS is and why it's better than SUT.
- The tests that you should be running on your site.
- How to automate most of your tests.
- A demo of one of our support tests.