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Automated Testing For Your Drupal Site


How do you know that your Drupal site is working properly? Do you find yourself surfing through it at random just to make sure? Do you have a team of employees that spends minutes or hours manually working through the QA checklist before each site update? Wouldn't it be nice to just get an email telling you the site is broken? One that is sent by a friendly robot, instead of an unsatisfied customer?

Automated testing has been embraced by Drupal's Core team (to great effect), and by many module developers as well, and yet most Drupal sites have no automated tests for site-specific configuration, themes, and modules. We should change that. In this session, we'll survey some strategies for automated testing of your site. We'll explore some basic options and some third-party tools, look into the unit testing features provided by core, and investigate newer Behavior-Driven Development tools such as Behat and Mink.