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the Angry Themer

A guide to surviving as a progressive Themer in the world of Drupal. Where backend and nested arrays is King and frontend is treated as something about colors, fontsize & Bold, .clearfix’es & the almighty div

Nobody told us what to do!
A short history of Theming and how Drupal came to claime record breaking 38% of the worlds usage of Div’s, and also Revealing why the Theming community is to blame for this (Wait what?..wtf!)

Don't get mad - Get even!
The toolset’s of massive Markup Destruction.
A look at modules and themes that will make the themer feel empowered as if the god of Thunder had passed on the hammer.

Preprocessing -Suggestions and Ice cold manipulation.
Analyzing when to chose which approach & the pitfalls that can occure. by pure clean code

Hug it out!
Theming is an art of making Design & System work together, theres secrets & pitfalls and why we are doing it wrong (and how to do it right)

Riding Unicorns: Drupal8
Drupal Theming is changing from a painfull & frustrating experience to the land of Unicorns, milk & honey. Where is this magick kingdom, and how do we get there (*pst* its called twig & you will sign up to help out)

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