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Advanced Frontend Performance


As rich HTML5 apps become the norm and mobile context dominates over desktop, the importance of frontend performance is exploding. We want websites to do cool new things, but more importantly they must always load fast and respond quickly to user interaction.

We’ve all heard the standard list of changes you’re supposed to make in order to achieve better frontend performance: leaner markup, reduce HTTP requests, minify and move scripts to the bottom, combine images into sprites, etc. But how can you move beyond these basics and integrate performance into your everyday routine?

We will walk through some frontend workflow tools, discuss advanced web performance techniques, touch on the process of automating tasks when possible, and highlight tools within Drupal that can help with automation. Some will be as simple as a module installation, and others will require more effort to set up. We will be exploring tools used by members of the entire web development community in addition to Drupal-specific tools.

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