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Training: PHP for Non-Programmers


PHP for NonProgrammers

Thursday, Nov 1st 9:00 - 5:00


Hotel Shattuck Plaza White Cotton room
2086 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA 94707
(510) 292-4353


8:30 - 9:00
9:00 - 5:00
Drupal Training
PHP for NonProgrammers


This is a friendly programming introduction for people new to coding. We’ll take a “Physics for Poets” approach to basic PHP concepts like variables, if/else statements, Boolean logic, functions, and hooks. Participants will write code, read code, and have a clear understanding of how to continue practicing.

* Anyone interesting in learning basic programming concepts
* Themers who want to better read and write PHP
* Closet geeks who want to write modules but need a PHP starter course before they take a module development course
* People interested in coding and want a gentle, non-competitive introduction

foreach ($student) { A development site will be provided; }

Attendees must bring a laptop and know how to edit a web document via FTP. Suggestions for helpful applications to install ahead of time (to edit and connect) will be sent to trainees prior to training. The primary prerequisite is "new to programming (in any language)".

What you will learn:
After the course, participants will understand and have written code that includes:
* Common errors and impediments
* Variables
* Arrays
* Boolean logic
* Conditional statements
* Functions
* PHP commonly found in the theme
* A few drupal hooks (and how to use the API)
* Simple database queries (time permitting)
* The name of all four of the Monty Python's and other assorted geek essentials

This course is 100% hands on. Trainees will be writing code all day, adding to and expanding the complexity. Each trainee will have their own dev site to work on and will be able to access this site for 30 days after the course. Simple concepts will be introduced and individuals can work at their own skill level. Collaboration between trainees will be encouraged, and geek essentials will be taught (such as which Star Trek captain is the best.) The minimum ratio for trainers/attendees is 10, so everyone will get the TLC they need to dive into programming.