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Training: Drupal & node.js


Drupal & node.js

Friday, Nov 2nd 9:00 - 5:00


MLK Jr Student Union Building - Madrone room
2475 Bancroft Way
Berkeley, CA 94704


8:30 - 9:00
9:00 - 5:00
Drupal Training
Drupal & node.js
5:00 - 8:00
You're on your own for dinner.
8:00 -10:00 Think you learned a lot in training? Come try your hand against the experts at our Drupal Trivia contest in the Pauley Ballroom


Do you love Drupal but find that it's not the right platform for some of the realtime applications you want to build? Are all your friends having fun with Node.js and you want to be one of the cool kids (again)? This hands-on training course will teach you how to create a realtime web application in Node.js and Drupal. You'll write code all day :-)

After this class, you'll have written your first node.js application(s) and have integrated Node.js's realtime wizardry into Drupal's content management magic. Our Four Kitchens Web Chefs will show you how to:

  • Improve your Javascript knowledge in our crash course in JS101
  • Write your first node.js application from the ground up
  • Understand how to use NPM node's world class package manager
  • Write non-blocking asynchronous code and how to spot it's evil twin: synchronous blocking code
  • Know what Node.js is good at and when a different tool is better
  • Gain experience with the popular Node.js framework: Express
  • Write API endpoints in Drupal to connect to your realtime application
  • Write code that reads and writes data to and from your Drupal site.
  • Understand the new Node.js Drupal module.

Why Node.js?

Node.js is a power tool for writing fast, real time applications. At Four Kitchens we've used it for:

  • Writing realtime web applications: drupalpoetry.com
  • Providing a feed ingestion and processing application that processed over 300 feeds per minute and broadcasting them out to hundreds of subscribed sites.
  • Providing realtime commenting for live video events on a Drupal site.

What will you receive during the course?

Each attendee with have access to a development site. The site includes all necessary assets and content so they can jump into the hands-on exercises. The site will stay up for 30 days after the training. We post all links and resources on our website, an email address for follow-up questions, and an Etherpad to share questions and markup during (and after) the training.

Who will benefit the most?

Developers who are ready to learn a new style of server side programing. If writing javascript code makes you cry this course might make it your new favorite language. Drupal developers who want to better understand how to bring asynchronous functionality to their sites.

Requirements for students (!important)

Basics: Laptop with SFTP, SSH software and a text editor installed. Any Local operating system is fine, but keep in mind that our trainers don't have experience debugging Windows connectivity problems. For node.js:
  • Basic knowledge of javascript
    • Have used JQuery for to add functionality
    • Knowledge of Javascript Object Oriented Patterns.
    • Experience with AJAX patterns helpful
    • Have written applications in Javascript and/or A C style OO programer comfortable picking up a new language
  • Comfortable using the command line to navigate directories and launch programs. (cd, ls and the like).
  • For Drupal:
    • Comfortable writing PHP to use Drupal hooks and have written a custom module
    • Working knowledge of the services module is helpful, and a great thing to try beforehand. :-)