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Learning Drupal 7 Theming in a Snap!


Drupal theming has long been seen as a dark art with a steep learning curve. Newcomers are often stymied by the many Drupalisms such as CSS class names, XHTML structure, and sprinkling of odd PHP. And it’s markup can feel like a giant hunk of mystery meat. “Where did this markup come from?!? I just want to change this one thing, but I can’t find it!”

In this session, we’ll tackle the big picture and then the little details to ensure you’re on the right path as you learn Drupal theming. And in the end, you’ll discover that the basics of Drupal’s theming system is quite easy to learn!

  • The core principles of the theme system
  • Getting lean, HTML5 markup out of Drupal 7’s default XHTML div-itis
  • Injecting class names into markup for SMACSS
  • The easiest way to theme Views
  • Useful helper modules for themers

About the presenter

John Albin Wilkins is a CSS and Sass master, the maintainer of Drupal's respected Zen theme, and the lead of the Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative. This session will be a must for designers and front-end developers new to Drupal or anyone who has struggled with CSS.

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