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Drupal Developers and Architects

Exaltation of Larks

We're a Drupal strategy, development, training and consulting company with teams in Los Angeles, Boston and Miami. We like overcoming challenges and doing things that haven't been done before, and we're looking for great people to join us.

This position is for developers and architects. Our development, training, support and marketing departments also have positions with immediate availability. The majority of us are in the Los Angeles area, but as a distributed company we welcome telecommuters.

What makes us different

Customers who we work with love us for our dedication to the high quality of our work, how we exceed their expectations and that we communicate with honesty, integrity and transparency. See our Clients list and Case Studies for an idea of the challenging and exciting work that we do.

Our team loves us for the same reasons, and for our company culture, our highly competitive rates and our in-house training and mentoring program. As a team member, you'll find your freedom and salary are unmatched elsewhere.

We're deeply dedicated to contributing to both the Drupal project and its community, and we offer paid time for our community contributions, including Drupal modules, themes and event organizing.

What we want to know about you

The skills that we value the most are communication, collaboration and community contribution. If you'd like to join our team or would just like us to keep you in mind for future work, let us know at http://www.larks.la/jobs

Please note that we are looking for individuals, not agencies or recruiters. When contacting us, tell us about the following:

  • Your Drupal.org username
  • Your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Your specialties, whether they be design, theming, development, marketing, system administration, training, project management, etc.
  • Case studies or articles about websites you've built (or helped build) and what you're proud of
  • Your certifiedtorock rating or a list of Drupal modules and themes that you maintain or contribute to on Drupal.org
  • Your location (i.e. the time zone you're usually in) and if you're a morning lark or a night owl
  • Where you'd like to go for the next Larks company retreat

For extra credit, check out the questions that our team has selected.

Rock stars need not apply

Exaltation of Larks is a company of talented and passionate people and while we like rock stars as much as anyone else, we like working together and getting things done more than watching someone perform. We embrace participation and like the idea that we should be working with people rather than working for them.

Our core values set us apart from the rest and two of those values are good communication and mutual respect. We make an effort to tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear. This is important when working with one another, and it's equally important when working with our clients and partners.

In short, the people we want to work with are great at what they do, demonstrate leadership and guide people to be their best. Rock stars, or people who take all the credit and attention, are egotistical and hard to work with, and who may or may not have what it takes to get the job done but insists they do anyway, need not apply.


If you’re like us, you love a good puzzle. It’s not always easy for us to see how a person thinks and likes to work just from reading their resume and that’s why this list is here. Don’t worry, we already know the answers and would love to hear from you whether you know the answers or not.

Include your responses to any of the questions below when contacting us and we’ll have something to talk about when we get back to you. Some of these are trivia questions and a correct answer tells us that you either know your industry or are good at doing research.

For questions that don’t have a single answer, help us understand your process by explaining how you’d go about finding the solution. If there’s another question that you think belongs in this list, let us know at http://www.larks.la/jobs  

  1. A social network has friending and video submissions with voting. Members can vote on their friends' videos and a message is automatically sent to the submitter of a video when a video receives a vote. Which Drupal modules would you use?
  2. Which contrib theme on Drupal.org was the first to include a reference guide containing all of Drupal core's classes and IDs?
  3. Compared to other open source, PHP-based content management systems, Drupal has excellent built-in search features. What are the strengths and, in particular, what are the weaknesses of Drupal's core Search module and what alternatives exist?
  4. A client informs you today that they have 10GB of files that you need for a Larks team meeting tomorrow. Those files are on a server under their control. How would you ask them to get those files to you in time?
  5. Which development environment or IDE do you use? How does it compare to others that you've used and would you be interested in presenting your favorite tips and tricks at a meetup or conference?
  6. Is there another question that you think belongs in this list? Let us know at http://www.larks.la/jobs

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